Hubzilla Yunohost testing branch is update to version 3.6

Testing branch of Hubzilla is updated to version 3.6. It will be merged into master branch after 1 day. Update your instance by

$ yunohost app upgrade -u

Two-factor-Authentication with Fail2Ban and HubZilla behind SSO

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1. Can we implement two-factor-authentication and fail2ban  on HubZilla? Has anyone tried it?
2. YunoHost have the option to keep apps and pages behind SSO. If I keep HubZilla behind SSO , that will completely restrict the HubZilla from outer world. What domains sub-path I need to bypass SSO, so that HubZilla can talk to other hubs and federation, being behind SSO?
I'd second Mike's advice, even if there are paths that can be protected behind ssowat without major problems : /network , /connections , /mail etc.
It's really not worth messing with access restrictions outside of hubzilla since it does that just fine already. You can already restrict access to everything for people not authenticated, and even to people not matching your security choices.
I should have explained my problem first rather then taking out my own solutions. I have ldapauth for 6 to 7 web applications (including HubZilla). I have strong password, but now few other users has joined my server. And whether I like it or not,they will have access to all these apps with ldapauth. And anyone can keep a weak password. So I want every app should have either fail2ban or two-way-authentication or behind SSO (as extra layer of security,which have fail2ban already). Two-way-authentication is optional feature in the apps, so that its not a for sure solution. So I have started to apply fail2ban for apps where it can be applied and for other apps I am keeping the login page behind SSO restriction (people have to login 2 times same authentication to get to the app,but the security is better then before).

For HubZilla I can not put the login page behind SSO because it has the remote login on login page. So I am thinking of way to make security more strong for HubZilla.
It's more complicated than that, because one can login to any page. Several page modules (network is one) will display a login box inline if one tries to access them without being authenticated. The actual authentication is trapped at the system level before the router is invoked (which handles specific pages). And as we discovered a couple of days ago, you can apparently login to the chess page and possibly bypass any Hubzilla security mechanisms.

The best ways forward may include one or more of

1. Edit the ldapauth addon or create a new one that traps all local authentication and perhaps redirect to your SSO service.
2. Create a 2FA addon and link it to your chosen authentication addon
3. In either case a password complexity checker might be useful.
4. Figure out what it would take to bring webauthn to your software(s) and help get rid of the entire username/password infrastructure
Unable to delete a Dispora connection

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I have a connection from Diaspora which I am unable to delete. The page keeps on loading forever till it gives 500 error on pressing the delete button. I am getting the feeds from this channel but the connection shows the red minus sign.
How can I force delete it ? And what to see in the logs for the errors?
In logs I see no error. Only a line
connections.php:347:contact_remove: removing contact 7 for channel 2
256M? I think needs more...

How value should I do?
Somebody else had a problem deleting connections recently, running out of memory. There's only one query that could cause a problem, where we check if a post was 'filed' by you, but apparently this can exhaust memory for connections who add lots of tags to their posts and sites that rarely or never expire their connection's posts. I don't know what to tell you except I've just done some work to improve the efficiency of that query (should land in Hubzilla dev in a couple of days). Otherwise raise memory as high as you can to delete the connection and then put it back to whatever you had it originally. You just need the process to survive this one tag query.
Account is shown as archived on all the know zot nodes

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My server got crashed and I installed the hub on the same domain address with same account(without import). Now all the previous connected zot nodes have archived me and I don't receive there posts and notification on my instance. Is there a way to send request to each zot node to refresh my account with my new account?
In the current Hubzilla implementation you basically have an identity for life. The way this could've worked is if you had backed up the channel at any point prior to re-installing the server and imported it to the new server instance. Then any relationships which existed when the account was backed up would still be intact.  

In zot6 you will be able to link a new identity to a previous one (providing you still have the keys to the old one). This work is still in progress.

If you still have the old keys available somewhere, you can craft a 'change key' message and probably get this to work but it will take a bit of code, as this uses some very early development code for zot6 which exist in hubzilla today. If you don't have the previous keys there's no current solution.
I don't have the keys :dead
Now question is how can I check which of my contacts are connected to my old keys? And if I message them to delete my account and reconnect with me, will my new identity  work then? What about the federated account?
On Mastodon to who ever I connect to , I see my old account pic when leaving a comment on there post.
Diaspora doesn't work well with re-installed servers. I don't know about Mastodon.
HubZilla package for YunoHost

  últim editat: Sat, 09 Jun 2018 18:20:06 -0700  
Hubailla package for YunoHost has reached to level 7(highest level) for the package check process.
  • Install and remove
  • Backup and restore
  • Upgrade
  • Multi-instance(run more then one hub on single server)
  • LDAP integrated(All other service like mail,xmpp,apps accessed by single username and password)

Can we have a YunoHost install badge on Hubzilla page like we have for Peertube?

YunoHost is still in the process to decide where to host the repos after the MS takeover of the Github. Till there is any decision  on that,the repos will continue to be hosted on Github.

p.s: There is Friendica package too.
Thank you! this will surely make flourish new hubs that wouln't be there otherwise.
Pin a comment on top of all the comments

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Most of the times a post have a question in it and there would be a correct answer to it or a comment that needs special attention. Pining of the comments can help the audience to find the answer quickly  and with ease by not reading the entire thread for the best solution.
So, is there a way to pin a comment on the top of the post ? If no, then can the owner of the post edit and reflect a comment in the post as best answer?
So, is there a way to pin a comment on the top of the post ? If no, then can the owner of the post edit and reflect a comment in the post as best answer?

No. No (*).

Technically the owner  can edit or delete a comment on their own thread, but currently only the delete functionality is reflected in the UI. You can handcraft a URL which will in fact edit the post.
Zoom on mobile

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I have enable zoom  "Enable user zoom on mobile devices" but I can't zoom the pages on the mobile. Is there something else need to be done ?
Just tried Chrome on Android - and it doesn't let me resize, so it's a browser thing.
I'm on Chrome and can resize pages. Maybe a version thing as well.
On Firefox with Desktop mod on zoom works. With other latest updated version browsers without the option of desktop version the zoom don't work.
Increase the size of the notification and where to see all the comments in sorted order for the post that are not followed?

  últim editat: Sat, 12 May 2018 11:11:58 -0700  
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1. Can I increase the size of the notices to something like 300 or 500 ?
2. How to put the notices in side bar with drop down(like new notices and feeds) for the already seen notices for quick access to them?
3. Feeds are there on the wall, but its hard to find out the comments order in the public feeds. Is there way to sort them like the notices are sorted?
4. Can new feeds from a connection be made silenced so new feeds from that connection comes on wall but are not shown on the sidebar as drop downs?
I am not a fan of automated installations and consider the manual installation with less than 10 CLI commands is simple enough on a shared host. It also gives you the ability to adjust to you particular reality. Compare with installing Diaspora which is a lot more complicated.
@Mike Macgirvin  These are very personal requirements. Thanks for answering. 4 is important as I have many news channel subscribed and the important feeds are mixed and missed in mass feeds from these channels. I will create an issue for it.

@Erik R I did not get your point. Did you posted the comment at wrong post?
It really seems so. Sorry ;)
Change default tab to posted order in activity and change the app picture.

 Teth últim editat: Sat, 05 May 2018 17:30:51 -0700  
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1. How to change the default tab to posted order rather then commented order in activity?
2. How to change the default notice app logo/pic(it give wrong impression of having empty profile picture when glanced at it)?
@Mike Macgirvin
It works on my activity page, but when I access the activities with the my different privacy group then it goes back to "commented order"

Strange - if I do this my privacy groups are also in posted order. It's only the 'All Channels' (reset) option which goes back to normal order. I've just fixed this and will submit in a few minutes. As a workaround you could just click 'Activities' on the top bar instead of 'All Channels'.

If you see something else going on here, let us know.
Thanks, it is working from activity button on the top bar. thumbs up sign tone 1