Account is shown as archived on all the know zot nodes

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My server got crashed and I installed the hub on the same domain address with same account(without import). Now all the previous connected zot nodes have archived me and I don't receive there posts and notification on my instance. Is there a way to send request to each zot node to refresh my account with my new account?
In the current Hubzilla implementation you basically have an identity for life. The way this could've worked is if you had backed up the channel at any point prior to re-installing the server and imported it to the new server instance. Then any relationships which existed when the account was backed up would still be intact.  

In zot6 you will be able to link a new identity to a previous one (providing you still have the keys to the old one). This work is still in progress.

If you still have the old keys available somewhere, you can craft a 'change key' message and probably get this to work but it will take a bit of code, as this uses some very early development code for zot6 which exist in hubzilla today. If you don't have the previous keys there's no current solution.
I don't have the keys :dead
Now question is how can I check which of my contacts are connected to my old keys? And if I message them to delete my account and reconnect with me, will my new identity  work then? What about the federated account?
On Mastodon to who ever I connect to , I see my old account pic when leaving a comment on there post.
Diaspora doesn't work well with re-installed servers. I don't know about Mastodon.