Since I need Postgres for a couple of other services I would like to migrate Hubzilla to Postgres, too. Has anyone ever tried something like this? I think something like this might work:

  • Create a DB dump
  • convert the DB dump using mysql2pgsql
  • creating a new DB from the dump
  • changing the config in Hubzilla

What obvious caveats am I missing?

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@Roelof Pieter I'm still stuck, that's why I didn't post any update. I converted all the dates in my db to something Postgres would accept as a valid date. Still pgloader still stumbles on some dates which are apparently NULL - but in MariaDB database they don't seem to be NULL. What did you try?
Well, in the end I used the export/import function if Hubzilla. But although my identity and my posts got "migrated", not everything did. See my post in this thread earlier...
For now I give up. I compared the two database schemes and realized that there isn't even a single rule what to convert which data type to. Some int(10)-Fields are "integer" fields in Postgres, others are "binint".

I think the best way forward is to create the database using the schema in /install and then write a script which copies data over. Since I'm not proficient in PHP I can't use the existing script but would have to start from scratch. Right now I don't have the spare time to do this. I'll stick with MariaDB for now.