Can't delete the Wiki pages.

 Artaru últim editat: Sat, 05 May 2018 08:14:24 -0700  
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1. I can't delete a wiki page which I created before I imported my identity on the same instance because of the instance crash.
2. How can I give permission to to wiki pages so that it can be edited by other people.
3. How to delete the post of a followed channel beyond certain number of days. For eg. A news channel which only keeps 30 days post on my hub.
@Sturdy Stonehead

Thank you so much for  this flow diagram. Now I will never get confuse between ACL and permissions. I did not knew that permissions have the "can write to my wiki" option too(though @Andrew Manning  mentioned it), so I was stuck with ACL(your first 3 boxes) all the time and was was not able to imagine beyond it.

@Galettesaucisse have very good question and I still don't understand difference between "default audience" and "public". Both have public scope. Isn't it?
Sorry, you proved me wrong. The permission description was not set for wikis. Hence you were presented a default value. This is now #fixed in dev branch.
Is your instance down? I can not see your posted pictures on my instance when I am not logged in.